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5 tips to make your creative project rock with .ART this Black Friday

Your job isn’t just your creative process anymore. If you want to be successful, you need to be your own brand manager. Your work is your product, and you are the business. .ART, the most popular extension for creatives and one of the top-5 fastest growing domains, is sharing 5 key tips on taking your creative project to the next level.  – to celebrate Black Friday in its true seize-the-day spirit!

1. Have a strong online presence

Website URL, social media handles, business email – all these should have a streamlined, personalised format. With .ART you can consolidate all your existing media channels under one online umbrella of a .ART website name that will instantly make you stand out as creative, cutting through the digital white noise.

2. Invest in your personal brand

As the saying goes, your reputation precedes you. When it comes to your career, personal brand, and artistic portfolio, it’s also your name that goes ahead of you. When you choose a name that’s sleek, memorable, and perhaps even striking, you’ll be automatically associated with success and potential. .ART empowers you to make the most of your name by claiming its rightful place in the online space.

3. Network in a global innovative community

Short names are beautiful, memorable and cool, especially when it to comes to .ART, which is the most popular domain for creatives. Even prior to its launch, .ART was in the top-3 most contested among over 2000 new gTLDs released by ICANN. Now, ART’s 220K+ community features such prominent adopters as the Louvre, Marina Abramovic Institute, Berlinale Festival, Kickstarter, Porsche, Amazon and many others. Always at the cusp of opportunity and innovation, .ART is the place to be!

4. Scale your reach

Did you know that Salvador Dalí appeared as a guest on “What’s My Line?” – a game show where a blindfolded panel deduced the identity of a guest by peppering them with questions? The genius knew the value of tapping into new audiences. With .ART you can expand your reach and gain new followers by getting featured on .ART blog, social media and newsletters. Once a .ART community member, you will also receive exclusive and early-bird invitations to open calls, masterclasses and other activities organised by .ART and its partners.

5. Stay creative!

“He who wishes to interest other people needs to provoke them,” said Dalí. Stay playful, do things that shock others. Get a .ART domain name with a “wow” factor. Younger than traditional domain zones, .ART has an impressive selection of short premium domains that you won’t find on older extensions. Finding your first name on .ART? Still possible. Generic adjective domains? Selling fast, but you got a chance. Three-letter domains? Hard but not out of the question.

Make the most of this Black Friday artfully – domain name with a shocking discount!