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Faster DNS with the Czech service? Introducing

Using our Anycast DNS network you can speed up your DNS. Using routers and routing tables a client’s request for a particular server is routed through the shortest (in-network) path to the server in the closest location.

Unicast DNS

Unicast DNS is a standard network as you know it. Usually, the IP address belongs to only one server depending on its physical location. Since the DNS request can be sent across half the world and of course it takes a while – this solution is not appropriate in today’s world. The disadvantage of these systems lies in the fact that records are physically located in only one place. In the case of the excessive load, this load cannot be distributed to several running servers but only to one. DDoS attack (wiki: DDoS) is less difficult to eliminate or mitigate.

Anycast DNS

Anycast DNS network has a much more complex structure than the previous unicast network. Since in Anycast DNS several servers can have the same IP address. It is easier to balance the load that can spread to multiple DNS servers if needed. In case of server failure with DNS records the request is processed on another server. Which results in almost 100% availability.

The geographic distribution of servers around the world ensures far lower latency and page load speeds. Thanks to the routing tables the server closest to the visitor (unfortunately networked and not geographically) is always asked. Thus a visitor from Europe does not ask for a server that is physically located in America but will be directed to our nearest server based on its location.

Advantages of Anycast DNS

  • Load distribution as needed
  • High availability
  • Noticeably reduced latency
  • Full redundancy
  • Fetch pages faster from anywhere in the world

Things worth knowing about

  • We currently have 50 nodes around the world
  • Servers located in 27 states of the world
  • Nodes located in 36 locations
  • Various ISPs

How are we doing compared to our competitors?

On website you can see our results compared to other companies that provide the same service. We currently hold a beautiful 17th place out of 40 tested services.

According to monitoring, you can see that our average latency is 32ms, which is a beautiful result 🙂

Who uses

Our Anycast DNS services currently use some ccTLD registers. Specifically .KE (Kenya), SS (South Sudan) and .ZA (Zambia).

    • Kenya’s national domain (.ke) and her subdomains (,,, etc.) use Anycast DNS. The registrar of these domains is the company KENIC which chose our services because of the faster connection of their DNS servers with the outside world – mainly from countries outside the African continent.

  • Frank Tegtmeyer of irrigation and solar systems, Bernt Lorentz Gmbh (, evaluates our service as follows: Our monitored equipment is distributed worldwide – often in poorly connected areas. All devices depend on the functioning of our DNS zones, so it is important for us to have fast and reliable service for DNS.
    Thanks to detailed DNS statistics and very affordable prices, is our DNS provider.


Location of servers


Paris (FR), Prague (CZ), Brno (CZ), Amsterdam (NL), Frankfurt (DE), Stockholm (SE), Saint-Petersburg (RU), Oslo (NO), London (UK), Belgrade (RS) ), Sofia (BG), Milan (IT)


Tokyo (JP), Hong Kong (KG), Singapore (SG), Chennai (IN), Tel Aviv (IL), Dubai (AE), Yerevan (AM)


Atlanta (US), Chicago (US), Dallas (US), Florida (US), Los Angeles (US), New York (US), Buenos Aires (AR), Santiago de Chile (CL), Bogota (CO), Sao Paulo (BR), Toronto (CA), Seatle (US), Silicon Valley (US)


Sydney (AU), Melbourne (AU), Johannesburg (ZA), Luanda (AO), Dar es Salaam (TZ)


We are actively working on the service and adding new and new servers, so the current state and number of servers is definitely not finite 🙂


How to order the service?

  • AnycastDNS service can be ordered directly in the administration of and is intended for domains that are in our administration and the price of the service is only 10 CZK / month without VAT.
  • For partners and hosting companies, we offer Anycast Secondary, where our network acts as an entire secondary server to the customer’s primary (which can be hidden). For this, we offer latency reduction, DDoS protection including detailed statistics and reports. The base price of this service is set to 5USD / 1mil DNS requests without limiting the number and size of the DNS zone.
    The price varies depending on the network layout and therefore we offer a trial period -> 1 month free. During this period, the customer can get more information about how the service works and can actually test the operation to get data and an idea of the subsequent price.


Statistics to preview


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