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2021 Trends: Higher prices of domain names

Now it’s clear. Main trend in domain business for 2021 is: higher prices. Many registries, after really good numbers in 2020, decided to raise the prices of domain names (registration, renewals…). Almost all registries saw increase in sales and in number of domain names, caused by shift in business habits during covid-19 pandemic. Also, there was some really major changes in ownership of the biggest registries, and first moves from new owners were exactly the same – new, higher prices of domain names.

Afilias by Donuts

Starting from 1.1.2021 Afilias registry unit has become part of mega-registry Donuts Inc. The corporate news shook the world of domains, there was never-ending discussions, while Donuts said to all interested parties – nothing will change, and Afilias will stay Afilias. Few days later, the first move stunned accredited registrars and clients – in a form of new pricing.

As of January 5th, Afilias changed prices for their flagship domain names. The most popular one, oldest New gTLD (yes, the one that broke the barrier of 3 letters for TLD – .info) raised prices by almost 5 USD per domains. All prices for TLDs in this registry went up, not only .info.

Here is the list of our end prices for customers  (in USD, without VAT):

TLD Old price New price  %
.INFO 12.10 17.50 44.62
.PRO 12.10 17.50 44.62
.MOBI 21.00 30.00 42.85
.BLUE 15.99 17.50 9.44
.RED 15.99 17.50 9.44
.BLACK 44.99 50.00 11.13
.PINK 15.99 17.50 9.44
.BET 15.99 17.50 9.44
.PET 15.99 17.50 9.44
.POKER 44.90 50.00 11.13
.PROMO 16.99 17.60 3.59
.KIM 15.99 17.50 9.44
.LGBT 39.90 43.00 7.77
.BIO 54.90 69.00 25.68
.SKI 35.90 42.00 16.99
.ARCHI 62.90 69.00 9.69
.SHIKSHA 15.99 17.50 9.44
.xn--6frz82g    (.移动) 15.99 17.50 9.44


New owner, higher prices – this is in short the ending result of very interesting 2020 year regarding Afilias. This purchase by Donuts (for unknown amount of money) also may have other effects. With Afilias registry unit, Donuts bought also registry software used by many ccTLDs and gTLDs (for example – .org). Is this fact going to reflect to the prices of those TLDs, maybe is clear after this annoncement: Afilias will raise the price domain names on 15th of April to “amazing” 120 USD for 2 years registration or renewal. This price change comes after a decade of same level – 100 USD.


The major earthquake is expected in September. Verisign announced that they will change the wholesale price for .com. The current wholesale rate Verisign charges domain registrars is $7.85/year for .com domain names, and this price will increase to $8.39/year on September 1, 2021.

…and the rest will follow…

Starting of Januray 1st, .se and .nu domain names are raised from 80 to 110,5 SEK.

Domain names in .dk will be raised from 50 to 60 DKK, starting of May 3rd.

There is also announcements for raising the prices of domain names in these TLDs from April 23rd :

.abogado, .luxe, .adult, .miami, .bayern, .nrw, .beer, .porn, .boston, .rodeo, .casa, .sex, .cooking,
.surf, .fashion, .vip, .fishing, .vodka, .fit, .wedding, .garden, .work, .horse, .xxx, .law, .yoga

Add to this list .cloud and


The conclusion is clear. For renewal or registration of new domain names, we should pay more in 2021. Is this going to help in better sales of new domains or in better renewal rates – it is something that is going to be clear in future months.

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