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Gransy Anycast DNS  – Safe harbour for many TLDs

There’s a new reality – DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks have become normal, an everyday criminal activity on the Internet. How else can we explain the fact that there were over 10 million attacks of this nature in 2020  (around 1.6 million more than in 2019)? A DDoS attack on a certain service causes high latency and disconnections for some users, and, if it is successful, it can lead to the complete failure of that service.

Worldwide DNS

For example: If you have a website, and it’s under a DDoS attack, it’s probably not accessible or it’s very difficult to access, with considerable delays. To fight this, there is a simple way to secure your website, app or service on a domain name. It’s called Anycast DNS. We have explained in previous blogs how this service works. It is pretty clear that this service gives you amazing speed in opening your website, app or anything on that domain, wherever you have the users in the world, but also – when you travel (which is – during this Covid pandemic –  something like sci-fi).

When a DDoS attack occurs, it’s quite impossible to “kill” DNS records due to the architecture of the Anycast network. For example, in the case of Gransy Anycast DNS service, it is impossible to organize a synchronous DDoS attack on the 66 world-spread nodes (DNS servers). The technique behind a DDoS attack is not successful if you have Anycast DNS on your domain name. It makes your web app, website or whatever you have on that domain name accessible all the time, despite attacks. This is called network resiliency.

What is the price for your nerves?

The first impression regarding this service is that it is very expensive for users. And that is the real issue. People rightfully think that Anycast DNS is some expensive technology and, during the Covid-19 pandemic, when everyone is trying to save money, the cost of this service seems higher than ever. As such, many people think that this service is more appropriate for registries and big companies, and not for average persons and their websites.

Yes. This service is used by registries around the world, and also by big registrars. Our Gransy Anycast DNS system serves around 25 ccTLD and gTLD registries. The number is growing every day as a reflection of the growing number of criminal activities on the Internet. Also, we serve many companies and registrars, and, yes, this service is surely made for registries and registrars.

But, the truth about the price is quite different. This technology is not that expensive, and compared to the cost of damages caused by DDoS attacks, it’s not that expensive even for a single user. Think about it this way: the annual price for this service is around 60 EUR. If your entire business relies on your website, and the website doesn’t work for 30 days because of an attack, the overall damage would amount to more than those 60 EUR.

We are low, very low

For quite some time, latency has been measured by an independent network. You can find their measurements live on The measures are taken from many places around the world, and it’s a good tool to see how good the anycast service is. Why have .KE, .SS, .NA, .GT, .ZM, .TD, .FJ, .BJ, .SB, .CX, .GL, .NF, .TL, .AF, .KN, .GS, .AI, .CD, .РУС, .xn--mgbt3dhd (.همراه), .NOWRUZ, .SHIA, .TCI, .PARS and many more chosen our Anycast DNS service? In addition to what has been mentioned about network resiliency, we are “low”: we are always in the top 15 on DNSperf, which means good low latency, and we have low price, which you can check on our dedicated website.

Unlike many other Anycast networks, we have developed a special feature for our users. The user gets access to a portal to manage the settings and view statistical data at a glance, which is crucial in some cases. This saves money and time in responding to criminal activities and allows you to manage your service over Anycast efficiently and effectively. The user experience is advanced and we place the control in the users hands.

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