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NIC Panama has joined Gransy Anycast service


Bienvenido .pa!

It’s time to share some great news.

We are proud to remind that Gransy Anycast DNS services are in the Top 3 Worldwide – One of the Best, and One that is used by Many.Explore the details of Gransy Anycast DNS, and get familiar with the proven advantages of this service. We say “proven” with pride as this statement is a result of the “One-Speed Test ” for Anycast DNS, provided only by DNSPerf website.

For many years our goal is to develop Anycast network with low latency and high availability for anybody around the world and to offer fully automated high-level services to our customers worldwide.

Today we are welcoming NIC Panama as the newest registry to join the set of 25+ ccTLDs that are using our Anycast service. Together with NIC Panamá we are working on contributing to the resiliency and security of DNS for .pa domains and, therefore, to upgrade the level of customer satisfaction.

2024 is also a special anniversary for NIC Panamá. They celebrate 30 years of fruitful work. In 1994, .pa domain names saw the light of the day. Panama made itself present on the Internet and since then continued to raise the quality of their service and the number of domain names. A big milestone for the Internet in Panama!


About Gransy
Gransy is an Anycast DNS provider and ICANN accredited registrar. An international company with headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic.
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About NIC Panama
.pa is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Panama. It was first registered in 1994-05-25. It is administered by NIC Panamá, which is run by the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá.
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